Vogel Moulds and Machines, Switzerland

"making the difference"

is what matters at Vogel. This is a motto which we live every day. The difference in every aspect for reaching the respect and trust of our customers. Integrated in the world wide operating HEDRICH group we share responsibility towards our clients and our staff.

"being different in our way of thinking"
The target is our main focus. And that means the identical target of our customers and friends. Accomplishing this gives us the satisfaction that makes it easy to complete new challenges.

"being different in our way of acting"
Dedicated to the needs of the industry. Engineering, manufacturing and service at the level that is expected from the leading manufacturer of EPOXY / PUR and silicone processing equipment. You can always count on us.

"being different in our products"
Concentrating on the ultimate processing. Continuous improvement and the development of complete new concepts are "standard" for Vogel. Our large product range provides always the most logical and economical solution.

And finally "being different" in future
Never slowing down the pace. Feeling the strength every day to improve means also excepting the need to improve. Only this background creates the environment to be ahead and positively different. We never lose this focus.  

In nearly 40 years, Vogel has established a solid and sound technical base and found many friends around the globe. Every day we concentrate our energy anew that you as our esteemed customer can see and feel the "difference" working with Vogel. We invite you to join in and follow our path for a common successful future.

Join in and be a part of us.

Norbert Maroldt
Managing Director

moulds and machines AG
Formen- und Maschinenbau
Landstrasse 71
4303 Kaiseraugst

fon: +41 61 845 99 99
fax: +41 61 845 99 90

email: maroldt(at)vogel-ag.net