Innovations 2016

Vacuum resin casting equipment with MTB technology, vacuum drying equipment or high-pressure dosing pump Gen2 – go and have a look at the innovations from 2016.

Vacuum Resin Casting Equipment with MTB Technology

The MTB technology is suitable for all liquid/solid resin systems, highly abrasive fillers and plastic and glass microspheres. You will benefit from an increase in productivity by 200 percent!

High-Pressure Dosing Pump Gen2

The new generation of HEDRICH high-pressure dosing pumps Gen2 allows to process yet unattained filler portions in the cast resin matrix. The extremely wear-resistant design ensures very long service lives.

Vacuum Nitrogen Drying equipment

Our vacuum nitrogen drying equipment hit the mark by higher drying temperatures, reduced drying times and only minor depolymerization of the insulating paper.

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