»Offering our customers the perfect solution for their requirement - that's what it's all about!«
Holger Zimmermann, CEO HEDRICH GROUP

We are a medium-sized company that rises to the international day-by-day demands of the global market. Being active in special plant engineering, we have to face new challenges every day. We are in the field of supplying to our customers in more than 60 countries equipment that may be system-relevant for a whole nation and thus do not allow any mistake. We, as a group of companies, have become a unity over many years. Based on our expert know-how we can also meet singular requests by our customers. Our products are tailor made – they are made up to uniquely fit your specific needs and offered as turnkey solutions.


The foundation of HEDRICH vacuum systems in 1963 saw the corner stone be laid for an internationally acting company, which it is today. HEDRICH equipment can be found in all parts of the world.

More than just products

Not only do we manufacture for you top-quality vacuum systems, we also provide you with an exclusive, integral chain of services and products. Get your benefit out of our five core competencies.

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