Vacuum Oil Purification Equipment: Large Degassing Stage, Efficient Pumping Speed

HEDRICH offers a wide range of vacuum oil purification systems. These are characterized by an indirect hot water heating to avoid cracking of insulating oil, a large vacuum degassing stage and an efficient pumping unit. The systems can be built in stationary or mobile version and provided with different measuring sensors.


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No Overheating

To ensure a uniform heating of the insulating oil before degassing, the oil is heated up by means of a heat exchanger. Hot water that is electrically heated in a closed circuit is used as heating medium. Local overheating and thus the danger of cracking as caused by electric heating elements are avoided.


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Purified in One Pass

The degassing stage is filled with special filling bodies and is provided with a large distribution cone at the inlet ensuring a large surface of the oil to be degassed. The vacuum pumping speed is optimally adapted to the degassing capacity. Whether with or without a roots stage, different drying and degassing degrees can be achieved in one pass.


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Ensured Oil Quality

For protection against foaming and ingress into the vacuum pumps, the oil purification systems are provided with a special separator. An additional water cooling allows to collect even low-boiling oil fractions and return them to the insulating oil.


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Everything in View

All oil purification systems can be provided with measuring sensors for residual gas, residual moisture, temperature, vacuum and oil throughput for recording and documentation of the quality of the purification.


Advantages of the Vacuum Oil Purification Systems:

• Hot water as heating medium
• Low residual moisture and residual gas content already after one pass
• High pumping speed of the vacuum pumping unit
• Extremely large degassing stage
• Safety separator for protection against foaming
• Condensation device for light oil fraction
• Measuring instruments for residual gas, residual moisture and oil throughput
• High heating power for optimum heating
• Stationary or mobile designs


• Mineral oils for transformers
• Synthetic oils
• Ester oils
• Castor oil
• Silicone oil

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