Vacuum Resin Casting Equipment: Perfect Degassing of the Cast Resin Component

HEDRICH vacuum casting equipment can be provided either with conventional thin-film degassing mixers for batchwise preparation or with modern, continuous on-the-fly formulation and degassing systems. The high shear forces in all HEDRICH mixing and dosing systems grant optimum wetting of all filter types. For the casting of components under vacuum, HEDRICH manufactures casting chambers that are individually adaptable both in size and shape to the products to be cast. The supplying scope ranges from the manually chargeable casting chamber to the fully automatic tunnel-type casting tank with transport systems for liquid and solid resin applications. The systems can be provided with conventional filler dryers or with modern continuous on-the-fly formulation and degassing systems.

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Efficient Degassing

The HEDRICH thin-film degassing mixer (DEM) is preferably used to fast and efficiently degas higher and high viscous cast resin systems, containing abrasive fillers. A good wetting of the filler as well as perfect degassing (gas and moisture extraction) of the cast resin components are the most important factors for a perfect insulation.

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Wear-Resistant Dosing

The dosing pistons and sleeves of the HEDRICH ceramic dosing pumps consist of oxide-ceramic materials (silicon carbide). As a result, their service life is very long, and can even be doubled by designing the dosing piston accordingly.

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Ideal Filler Wetting

One of the highlights is the fully continuous formulation with low mass volume and high shear rates, achieving a homogeneous cast resin pre-mixture within short. Combined with the downstream OTF on-the-fly degasser, high-quality cast resin materials are generated. With the ideal filler grain wetting and the optimum degassing degree, they provide best insulation properties for medium and high-voltage applications.

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Full-Coverage Casting or Potting

The range of the robot arm covers the whole cross section of the casting tank. The movement can be controlled manually via joystick or automatically by a casting program. The smooth design allows easy cleaning in case of maintenance. The arm is completely heatable/coolable up to the casting nozzle. Since the common cast resin materials for distributor transformer coils do not require any cleaning between the casting cycles, consumption of purging resin can be reduced.

Advantages of vacuum resin casting equipment

• Batchwise DEM or continuous OTF degassing possible
• HEDRICH dosing pump design depending on the application: ceramic, high-pressure or gear-type dosing pump
• Hydraulic or motor-synchronized dosing pumps
• Highest material flow rate of 24 t/day
• Integrated SF6 filling and recovery system if requested
• Competitive single-line OTF-F/OTF-D systems
• Industry 4.0 capable software communication
• Inline dosing supervision applying the highly precise Coriolis measuring principle


• Cast resin transformers
• Current and voltage transformers
• Insulating parts for medium and high-voltage switchgears
• High-voltage bushings

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