VOGEL Moulds and Clamping Units, Switzerland

A dynamic and flexible team of engineers and technicians at VOGEL develops and manufactures machines, moulds and complete production systems for the cast resin-processing industry.

As unique as our product, which puts us in the position of a market leader, is the diversity of our customers: from the medium-/high-voltage, aerospace, automotive industry as well as manufacturers of modern maglev trains all trust in our products. Although our range of customers is widespread, we feel it natural to focus on the individual needs of each one – because every one of our customers is unique, and this is exactly what we are appreciative of.

The brand of VOGEL stands for best quality. Clamping units, moulds or other production systems are designed and manufactured according to maximum demands in the world.

VOGEL products supplement the products supplied by HEDRICH in an excellent way. The customer obtains a complete production line „from one source” and does not have to fear suffering any problems in terms of interfaces. Incorporated as one of the international companies in the HEDRICH GROUP, we offer our customers a great variety but singular solutions – this being the solid foundation for our extraordinary success!

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Norbert Maroldt
Managing Director

VOGEL moulds and machines
Formen- und Maschinenbau
Landstrasse 71
4303 Kaiseraugst
fon: +41 61 845 99 99
fax: +41 61 845 99 90

email:   maroldt@vogel-ag.net
Internet: www.vogel-ag.net

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