Guidelines and Values of the HEDRICH GROUP

Delighting Customers

Attaining more than satisfied customers and always making sure their delight, this is our common goal every day. Part of that is a comprehensive product portfolio that matches with your individual specific needs. Always keeping in mind first-hand the benefit to the customer – by productivity, quality and flexibility in all dimensions.


Top Expert Solutions

We solve our customers’ demands to complexity by singular applications, providing you, in addition to our special applications, with the possibility to create broad operations most efficiently. Also for our digital solutions, the maximum benefit to the customer and productivity of our equipment is our main focus.


Promising Quality

The quality of our equipment is an enduring promise to our customers. By exclusively using high-grade materials we can guarantee best quality. Plus, permanent enhancement of our services based on a long-dated cooperation with the customer. This trust and confidence of our customers is our daily motivation.


Promising sustainability

Sustainability is not a cut and dried single-dimensional term. Our ambition is to always serve our customers and employees in a way that opens up and continues a long-term cooperation together. This reflects in the reliability, forward-looking attitude and environmental friendliness of our services and equipment. Keeping this promise presupposes permanent new and further development, and questioning.


Experts in Trade

What makes up successful acting is to fully understand the other and see what is really needed. Being the world’s most successful supplier in our field, we have won over the years by long-term experience a very distinctive sensibility and good understanding of cultural aspects to fulfil these requirements both nationally and internationally.


Aiming for Intensivation

Our capabilities – beginning with the design of our applications and the product quality - even pass beyond our customer service and after sales. They intensify both the relationship to our customer and their performance. A constant optimization of processes and products supports our customers in a partnership with HEDRICH.


Encouraging Individuals

In a network of experts, which is widespread among our customers, partners and employees, each single member is an individual. To us, it is important to keep that great variety in characters and cultures as some precious treasure. We very much appreciate and support the skills of each individual in order to provide a strong performance together.




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