Equipment for Cast Resin Insulation

Wherever epoxy resin systems are processed for vacuum casting, this is where our design for preparation, mixing and dosing is implemented. Based on our decades of experience and in close cooperation with users, material suppliers and testing labs, we have permanently developed and perfected our vacuum systems for cast resin insulation.
To name just a few of our innovations let us introduce the on-demand principle for on-the-fly degassing in our batch equipment and our patented on-the-fly formulation units for a continuous preparation of the desired cast resin system.
Vacuum Resin Casting Equipment with MTB Technology

The MTB technology is suitable for all liquid/solid resin systems, highly abrasive fillers and plastic and glass microspheres. You will benefit from an increase in productivity by 200 percent!

Vacuum Resin Casting Equipment

For the casting of components under vacuum, we manufacture casting chambers that are individually adaptable both in size and shape to the products to be cast. The result: Perfect degassing of the component.

APG Vacuum Pressure Gelation Equipment

The automatic pressure gelation has proven its excellence especially for components with large lot sizes, such as insulators. The moulds are pressure tight and fixed in a clamping unit.

Vacuum Shot Dosing Equipment

HEDRICH develops and builds fully automatic casting lines for the production of highly sensitive electro-nic components. The components are insulated under vacuum, granting absolute faultlessness.

Vacuum Infusion Equipment

HEDRICH has developed vacuum infusion equipment for the casting of rotor blades for wind energy systems and composite components. The process taking place under vacuum increases the quality of the products.

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