DosilOne Advanced: Quickly Processing Liquid Silicone Rubber

The VOGEL mixing and dosing system DosilOne Advanced processes liquid silicone rubber (LSR) with a shot volume of up to 140 l and a filling speed up to 70 l/min. The components are filled into the mould by means of two independent hydraulically powered cylinders through a static mixer. The integrated dosing quality supervision system prevents from producing waste – by checking before filling.

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Always Dosed Precisely

Via the integrated dosing quality supervision system, the independent hydraulically powered dosing cylinders check before every filling process that the material is filled completely and excluding air.
Any occurring faults are solved automatically. Before releasing for dosing, the entire system is pressurized to a predefined degree, granting a uniform start of both dosing cylinders.
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Fast and Forceful

The VOGEL booster system can fill moulds in one shot with up to 70 l/min and 140 l. Components of large volumes up to 140 l can be filled into a highly heated mould before the vulcanization process starts within 2-3 min. Your advantage: Tremendously reduced process times and minimized times for cooling-down and heating-up.

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Flexible Control

Specially developed VOGEL controls and software provide highest flexibility in selecting the filling profiles. Up to 30 different processes can be filed. Via several interfaces of the integrated control, up to four consumers can be operated at the same time.

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Ergonomic Design

Benefit from the compact and space-saving arrangement of the DosilOne, allowing easy and comfortable operation as well as easy and safe handling when exchanging the barrel of the filling station. All piping and wiring is integrated into the equipment, external supply connections are accessible so as to ensure that the equipment is ready for use at any location within the shortest possible time without extensive assembling.

Advantages of type DosilOne Advanced

• High precision of the mixing ratio of component A and B
• Compact and space-saving arrangement
• Minor installation effort
• Easy and quick exchange of barrels
• Venting of the follow-up plates and pumps after barrel exchange
• Administration of up to 30 filling profiles
• Easy disassembly and cleaning of the static mixer
• Low remaining quantities in the barrels
• High precision of the absolute filling amount
• Switching-off via pressure sensor in the mould possible
• Energy efficient due to standby mode of the hydraulic system
• Remote access and remote maintenance possible
• Little maintenance effort


• Manufacturing of hollow insulators
• Manufacturing of long-rod insulators
• Manufacturing of cable sleeves
• Direct shielding of bushings

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