Mobile Low-Frequency Drying Equipment

Mobile low-frequency drying equipment developed by HIGHVOLT and HEDRICH are an absolute novelty. Their compact design allows them to be used flexibly almost everywhere in the world, involving a considerable reduction in time and costs. Besides, the equipment offers all advantages of the proven stationary systems. And, even existing systems can be retrofitted with most advanced LFH technology.
As with the stationary version, heat treatment and vacuum drying are happening in parallel, entailing short process times. The complete process is performed under low vacuum, thus ensuring a significantly improved drying quality and reduced depolymerization of the insulation material compared with conventional processes.
Your benefit: Higher flexibility!


Advantages of mobile low-frequency drying equipment

• Mobile and flexible on site, independent from other equipment
• Special low-frequency converter technology for heating under vacuum
• Existing equipment can be retrofitted with most advanced low frequency heating (LFH) technology
• Increased quality by careful drying process
• Optimized drying level compared with mere oil purification
• Considerably shorter drying times
• Significantly lower costs and less time needed
• Technology cooperation with HIGHVOLT

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