TRENDSETTER: Innovations are Demand and Reality at HEDRICH’s.

The passion to create innovations and first-class quality, this is our ambition every day. Trusting in the know-how, experience and creativity of our engineers, who develop – in cooperation with our customers – pace-making products. This means real expert solutions that hit the mark by functionality, precision and high quality.


1978 | First thin-film degassing mixer for filled cast resin systems
1980 | The world’s first manufacturing of a composite hollow insulator on a VOGEL clamping unit
1980 | The world’s first vacuum solid-resin casting equipment according to the APG process
1990 | The world’s first full-ceramic dosing pump with reversible piston
1994 | The world’s first vacuum casting equipment applying high-pressure dosing pumps
1995 | The world’s first continuous degassing of filled, highly viscous cast resin components
1996 | First vapour phase equipment with fall-film evaporation and the possibility to distill the kerosene in parallel
2000 | The world’s first fully continuous formulation and degassing equipment, Generation III, for both-sided highly filled, highly viscous cast resin components
2004 | The world’s first vapour phase equipment with subsequent cooling of the active part and assembly in dessert climate
2008 | The word’s first automatic machine with vacuum chamber (turning and tilting) to manufacture high-voltage cable sleeves made of silicone
2012 | The world’s first vacuum infusion equipment for direct infusion of rotor blades for wind energy systems
2014 | The world’s first vacuum casting equipment for manufacturing medium-voltage instrument transformers on clamping units with fully automatic loading and unloading of the parts by robots
2016 | Latest MTB vacuum casting equipment (Multi Top Benefit) for more cost-saving formulation and degassing of highly filled cast resin components tripling at the same time today’s standard preparation capacity. 
2017 | World debut: Residual moisture and gas content measurement for unfilled cast resins; absolute new development: mobile low-frequency drying equipment; new vapour phase compact equipment
2017 | successful market launch of the high-pressure dosing pump GEN II with an even longer service life than before
2019 | the world’s first fully automatic APG equipment for the production of rotors for electric motors
2019 | first vacuum infusion machine in the world to implement different infusion processes with the same equipment

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