Mission Statement

Our Mission
Providing our customers with significant surplus values, even beyond the actual product properties and the price: This is what we are up to at HEDRICH.

The Vision
TOP Experts in vacuum engineering: This means responsibility, which entails many demands. We are at your side, from the first approach and beyond delivery of the machine and in long-term service partnerships, taking the challenge to meet the permanently growing demands on complexity to attain maximum delight. The Total Benefit of Usership (TBU) is what we are focusing on in all our acting in our relationship with you, our customers.

Since our foundation in 1963, we have been evolving to become the leading source for innovations in vacuum engineering with a multitude of innovations. Transferring both the knowledge and the eagerness from generation to generation, to also set in stone our position as pacesetter in the field in future, is a commitment that we aim to comply with – in particular with our long-term customers.

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