Electronic Industry: Vacuum Casting for Safe Power Transfer

Nowadays, constant miniaturization of electronic modules enables the various industrial sectors to use very compact designs, e.g. for computers, mobile phones, displays as well as 3D printers – and hence lightweight, intuitively-to-use electronic devices to substantially facilitate daily life. On the other hand, this miniaturization strongly increases electric stress to the very small modules. As a consequence, it is often necessary to encapsulate or cast those modules in the vacuum process to ensure the required quality for safe power transfer inside the electronic part. The effect: In particular this field sees a constant demand – with a clear upward trend – for fully automatic vacuum casting in series. With its inimitable equipment type DOSKO, HEDRICH has maintained its strong market position for years, and has been supplying to its customers some excellent technological developments that provide a clear additional benefit.

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3D casting

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Shot dosing equipment

Total Benefit of Usership (TBU)

• Maximum availability of the equipment
• Highest casting quality by inline dosing supervision
• Energy-efficient equipment design: assuring a good future for the next decades to come
• Highly flexible, adaptive casting system: from small-scale to highest production outputs
• Continuous inline degassing: reducing the energy consumption of the entire equipment

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