Our Technologies

Our product portfolio comprises the application technologies of vacuum resin casting insulation, vacuum oil/paper drying and stabilization, vacuum pressure impregnation as well as vacuum pumping units, complemented by moulds and clamping machines as well as mixing and dosing systems by our subsidiary company VOGEL in Switzerland especially for pressure gelation (APG) and silicone applications.
One of our strongest skills is the processing of all insulating media: From highly to unfilled cast resin systems and the oil/paper sector to highly viscous silicones. Our technologies are used for example in the electrical, electronic and automotive industry, wind energy as well as for special medium- and high-voltage applications.

Equipment for Cast Resin Insulation

Wherever reactive resin systems are processed, this is where our design for preparation, mixing and dosing is implemented. Just one out of the many of our innovations is the on-demand principle.

Equipment for Oil/Paper Drying and Insulation

Only carefully dried insulation materials ensure trouble-free operation of electric components. HEDRICH offers a wide range of drying technologies for different applications.

Clamping Machines, Moulds, Mixing and Dosing Systems

Machines and systems designed and built by the Vogel moulds & machines AG provide top-quality state-of-the-art technology. Almost all renowned suppliers of medium- and high-voltage gear all over the world are amongst our customers.

Equipment for Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)

We design and build for you individual equipment solutions for vacuum pressure impregnation. Depending on your specific needs, HEDRICH supplies impregnating equipment with additional compo-nents, such as a stirrer.

Vacuum Pumping Units

We are your expert for vacuum pumping units. Taken as a whole, we have on offer more than 50 years of experience in building pumping units, which are manufactured both for our own equipment and as customized stand-alone pumping units.

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