Clamping Units, Moulds, Mixing and Dosing Systems made by VOGEL

VOGEL has specialized in clamping units, moulds, mixing and dosing systems as well as customized equipment for the manufacturing of insulation parts made of epoxy resin and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for the electrical and automotive industry. Since the APG process was invented in the early 1970s, VOGEL has been demonstrating technical capability with view to the respective equipment, e.g. the first equipment for the automatic shielding of composite insulators with liquid silicone rubber (LSR).
Nowadays, machinery and systems by Vogel moulds & machines AG are found at the highest technical level. Almost all large manufacturers of medium and high voltage equipment worldwide are among the range of customers.


Clamping Units
Available in different sizes and designs, the clamping units are well suitable for the manufacturing of small parts and small batches as well as large-scale complex components and high numbers of pieces.

VOGEL develops all types of moulds for the processing of the following materials: Cast resin in vacuum casting and APG process as well as liquid silicone rubber for various kinds of insulations.

LSR Mixing and Dosing Systems

LSR mixing and dosing systems have been developed for the processing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) to uniquely fit the individual requirements of the customer and process.

Special Equipment and Automation Solutions

Relying on many years of experience in development and manufacturing of moulds and clamping units, VOGEL is your competent partner for automated solutions in the APG and silicone process.

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