VOGEL Clamping Units – Precise and Long-Lasting

VOGEL develops and supplies all types of moulds for the processing of the following materials: Cast resin in vacuum casting and APG process as well as liquid silicone rubber for various kinds of insulations of electric components and for insulators of electric systems. Designed according to the special requirements to both product and material, the moulds are characterized by high precision and long service life.

APG Clamping Units

VOGEL APG clamping units are manufactured with great care and in accordance with the latest technical findings. The systems are reliable, extremely sturdy, long-lasting and modularly extendable.

LSR Clamping Units

VOGEL clamping units for the casting of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) are very sturdy. Every machine is designed to be capable of taking up even huge moulds, weighing up to several tons.

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