New Generation: Vapour Phase Equipment for the Production of Power Transformers

The Vapour Phase compact equipment constitutes a newly developed equipment generation employing kerosene for drying. This process has proven its excellence in the production of power transformers and is also used for the manufacturing of other high-voltage components. The compressed arrangement of the equipment as well as the use of standard modules result in shorter times needed for assembly and start-up on site. Benefit from the compact design, thus saving costs. Besides, the equipment is provided with an efficient, outside-arranged fall-film evaporator and has been optimized energetically.

Advantages of Vapour Phase compact equipment:

• The most energy-efficient equipment in the world
• Fully automatic system
• Outside-arranged fall-film evaporator
• Lower investment due to optimized and compact module design
• Setup and testing of the equipment possible yet before delivery to the customer
• Short times for assembly and start-up on site

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