Vacuum Pumping Units – Reliable and Efficient

A variety of applications in process engineering is performed under vacuum. For an optimum and efficient process flow, technically mature and reliable vacuum pumping units are needed. We design and build vacuum pumping units – for application in our own equipment and as independent units. Employed are vacuum pumps of renowned suppliers, which are integrated in pumping units together with condensers, measuring sensors and electric control systems depending on the requirement and customer specifications.
We have more than 50 years of experience in the construction of pumping units, and build these units as part of our own equipment as well as for customized individual pumping units.

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The process-specific pumping units of HEDRICH do not only consist of vacuum pumps. They also include condensers as well as circulation systems for operating liquid as well as the measuring and control technology. The electric control system allows manual or automatic operation depending on the application or customer request.

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Vacuum Pumping Units with Oil-Sealed Backing Pumps

In the most commonly used and most widespread designs worldwide, the backing pumps are operated with special vacuum pump oil as sealing agent. By combining the pumping units with Roots pumps, they can be used for most different applications.


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Vacuum Pumping Units with Dry Running Backing Pumps

In many production facilities dry running vacuum pumps – mainly screw pumps – have established themselves in recent years. Since no condensation is to be expected because of the relatively high operating temperature, the pumping units are partly operated without condensers. However, for the use in hazardous areas special precautions apply.


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Vacuum Pumping Units with Liquid Ring Pumps

Liquid ring pumps are frequently used, in particular in the chemical industry. Besides water, other sealing agents can be used as operating media, like e.g. kerosene in the vapour phase process. In combination with Roots pumps, pumping units with high pumping speeds and good ultimate vacuum are thus created.


Advantages of vacuum pumping units

• Calculation and design according to requirements and customer specifications
• Complete construction and setup including condensers, measuring sensors and electric control system
• Use of vacuum pumps of renowned suppliers
• Explosion-proof pumping units for use in zone 1 and 2
• Application of different pump technologies


• Chemical industry
• Transformer industry
• Plastics industry
• Metallurgy
• General vacuum generation

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