Electrical Industry: How to Safely “Cope with” Medium and High Voltage

Not only in the traditional power plant and distribution systems but also in the range of the renewable energies such as solar, wind, hydropower and heat pump technology, the graph for power generation and distribution has been rising steeply for years. Due to the high voltage resp. currents, the electrical industry needs a „vacuum“ for these systems to manufacture the insulation and insulating components, e.g. for a bubble-free dielectric. Amongst others, this ensures resistance to partial discharge when operating bushings, insulators, transformers as well as switchgears, thus granting a safe power supply for the end user. For this market segment, HEDRICH has been supplying equipment technology for highest quality demands for more than 50 years – irrespective of whether it concerns oil- or solid-insulated components. The technological scope of services offered by HEDRICH ranges from the manufacturing of a simple 10kV insulator through to power transformers of highest voltage and power class (1,200kV, 1,000MVA).

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low-frequency drying equipment with shortest drying times

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Vapour Phase equipment

Total Benefit of Usership (TBU)

• Best process technical equipment solution for the drying of power transformers
• MTB (Multi-Top-Benefit) casting equipment technology offering processing rates of 24 tons a day per equipment
• Inline „on-the-fly“ degassing technology
• Most advanced low-frequency drying technology (LF): reducing the energy consumption by 70 to 90%

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