So far, all equipment and machines of the HEDRICH GROUP have been operated as independent units after delivery. Maintenance, repair, inspections or equipment extensions were made only when requested by the customer.

The new systems incorporated into our sophisticated HEDRICH products („Smart Products“) are able to signal any identified abnormalities, possible down times or a necessary manual maintenance on their own. Information that can be decisive for the condition of the equipment, productivity or quality of the final product is recorded and evaluated in file format.

New and partially existing data are captured by sensors, motors or other equipment components. Crucial parameters are thus raised for evaluation. Data are not only consolidated on machine level but they can also be merged all around the world (as required) so as to set new benchmarks in machine evaluation.

With our Apps, you can monitor your HEDRICH equipment, anywhere and at all times: via tablet, smartphone or via PC. They optimize production processes and make them transparent, ensure to recognize changes in quality early and enable the scheduling and reproducibility of service and maintenance work. And this in „real time“.

The COPRA App Center (COckpit for Productivity increasing and Resource saving Applications) is the digital platform for all HEDRICH applications.

Your benefit: Mobile controlling ensures highest transparency and process reliability!


• Responsive arrangement
• Mobile supervision of your equipment via tablet, smartphone, etc.
• Optimization of production scheduling and operations
• Early identification and indication of changes in quality
• Reproducibility of production processes
• Enhanced communication of individual production areas
• Easy integration into existing control systems
• Individual tools for expansion and adaptation to your requirements

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