DoskoSil: Mixing and Dosing Liquid Silicone Rubber

The VOGEL mixing and dosing system DoskoSil for the continuous mixing and dosing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR), 2K adhesive materials and 2K epoxy systems processes even abrasive materials up to a viscosity of 500,000 mPas. As standard, the equipment is capable of feeding the material from 20 l and 200 l barrels. The components are filled into the mould by means of two independent hydraulically powered double-acting plunger pumps through a static mixer.

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Dynamically Prepared

The dynamic material degassing unit is the optimum solution for the degassing of low, medium and highly viscous liquid silicone rubbers (LSR). The special design allows the material to distribute on thin, permanently renewing layers. This technology ensures an efficient and high-quality material preparation – especially when manufacturing high voltage components.

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Independent of Viscosity

The VOGEL LSR mixing and dosing system type DoskoSil contains hydraulically powered double-acting plunger pumps to ensure a uniform material flow, constant mixing ratio as well as precise filling speeds and filling volumes for highly viscous materials and components with different viscosity.

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Efficiently Vented

Fully automatic venting of the follow-up plates and fully automatic purging of the double-acting plunger pumps grant thorough venting after a barrel exchange with minimum material consumption and without impact due to operator faults. So, both error rate and material waste are reduced.

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Freely Programmable

The purpose-developed DoskoSil control and software provide highest flexibility in selecting the filling profiles. Up to 30 predefined filling processes are freely programmable and can supply up to four consumers at the same time. Communication with the clamping unit or the mould carrier is effected via several interfaces of the integrated control.

Advantages of LSR mixing and dosing system type DoskoSil

• Dynamic degassing system for highest efficiency
• Highest precision even at different viscosities
• Corresponding to the machine directive 2006/42/E
• Compact and space-saving arrangement
• Venting of the follow-up plates and pumps after barrel exchange
• Administration of up to 30 filling profiles
• Easy disassembly and cleaning of the static mixer
• Low remaining quantities in the barrels
• High precision of the mixing ratio of component A and B
• High precision of the absolute filling amount
• Switching-off via pressure sensor in the mould possible
• Energy efficient due to „standby“ mode of the hydraulic system
• Remote access and remote maintenance possible
• Minor maintenance effort


• Manufacturing of hollow insulators
• Manufacturing of long-rod insulators
• Manufacturing of cable sleeves
• Manufacturing of components for cable sets
• Direct shielding of bushings
• Encapsulation of electric components

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