Composites: „THE“ Innovative Material of the Future

Whether wind energy systems, vehicles, rocket engineering, airplanes, vessels or sports items – the number of sectors making their benefit of the composite technology is growing fast. Higher strength yet with lower weight and higher flexibility offering almost unlimited design variations are more and more replacing the conventional materials in their traditional application ranges. The carbon/glass fibre technology in connection with a plastic matrix from polymers or duromers is the future. The market segment of composites sees HEDRICH as pioneer, inventing the direct infusion process. And to this date, the quality of the composite components produced with HEDRICH equipment is “unbeatable”.
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Highest stability of the components through the HEDRICH infusion process

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Vacuum infusion equipment

Total Benefit of Usership (TBU)

• Direct infusion of a composite matrix with perfect, bubble-free structure
• Considerable reduction of waste and rejection
• More than 90% reduction of refinishing for composite components compared to the conventional infusion process
• Return on investment (ROI) with HEDRICH technology usually after 6 months already

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