Medical Industry: Perfect Insulations for Precise Diagnostics and Patient Protection

Highest reliability is the basis for an efficient equipment technology in the range of medical engineering: for the protection of patients and the generation of precise diagnoses.
Complex apparatuses working in the high-voltage range such as MRI scanners, X-ray machines and other diagnosis systems need a perfect insulation for generating reliable results. Without the application of the vacuum technology, this would not be possible today. A constant plus in electronics and progressively smaller modules ensure medical engineering to also be a growing market for the application of HEDRICH’s cutting-edge vacuum technology in the future.
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The INFUCUBE controls the infusion of the cast resin required

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Vacuum infusion equipment

Total Benefit of Usership (TBU)

• Highly precise casting equipment for the manufacturing of cast resin coils
• Unparalleled dielectric strength of insulating oils with HEDRICH equipment technology in various fields
• Vacuum preparation technology for highest demands on quality
• Energy-optimized casting and filling equipment: designed for the requirements of today and tomorrow

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