Fully automatic Vacuum Infusion Process for the Casting of Rotor Blades

Environmentally friendly wind energy systems are the to-date most cost-efficient renewable energy source with excellent potential for growth in the booming market of the alternative power generation. Whether on-shore or off-shore, tough and reliable technologies are in demand enabling the users to gain maximum profit and safe returns.
Most diverse equipment sizes and specifications require not only mature design concepts but also the continuous development of equipment components and their necessary manufacturing techniques. This also includes composite components that are processed on fully automatic vacuum infusion systems developed by HEDRICH. For example for the casting of large rotor blades under permanent vacuum, which besides other benefits avoids a quality-decreasing enrichment with gases.

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The HEDRICH Infusion Process for highest quality at the Rotor Blades manufacturing

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Vacuum Infusion equipment

Total Benefit of Usership (TBU)

• Direct infusion into the base matrix under vacuum with perfect bubble-free structure
• Considerable reduction of waste and rejection
• More than 90% reduction of refinishing for composite components compared to the conventional infusion process
• Return on investment (ROI) with HEDRICH technology usually after 6 months already

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