Innovationen 2017

Focus of the innovations 2017 is the Industry 4.0. New on the world’s market is the fully automatic measurement for residual moisture and gas content for unfilled cast resins as well as smart applications.
COPRA App Center

Our Apps help you monitor your HEDRICH equipment - at all times and wherever you are: via tablet, smartphone or PC. Optimize your production processes and make them transparent.

Mobile Low-Frequency Drying Equipment

Mobile low-frequency drying equipment developed by HIGHVOLT and HEDRICH are an absolute novelty.

The New Generation of Vapour Phase Equipment

Vapour phase drying systems are used for the production of power transformers and other high-voltage components. The technology requires – compared with drying processes using air – about just 25-40% of the time.

Residual Moisture and Gas Content Measurement

The technology for measuring the residual moisture having already proven its excellence when it comes to transformer oils has now been developed as well to provide exact measuring results for the field of unfilled cast resins.

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