Employees Celebrating their Anniversaries with the HEDRICH GmbH

Within the scope of a company party not less than a dozen employees of HEDRICH in Katzenfurt were honored for their longtime loyalty and commitment to the company. The senior and HR management thanked the twelve employees for their personal involvement within the company. HR manager Andrea Potsch put emphasis on their achievements again, looking back briefly on the professional careers of each individual within the HEDRICH GmbH.

Having remained loyal to one and the same company for half a century is what Hans-Joachim Steindorf and Werner Wuertz (both to start as mechanical specialists and then later change to sales managers) can be proud of. We have to be especially thankful to those employees. From the first moment, these two gentlemen have been accompanying the HEDRICH GmbH.

Those who were honored for their 25th anniversary were Astrid Gilles, Eduard Ellert and Thomas Hilk. Even 25 years in a company are not a matter of course nowadays.

Maik Zschau, Dalia Frelingiene-Deuster, Benjamin Kunz, Alexander Schermuly, Eduard Becker, Dorothee Hilk and Mareike Hammer were to celebrate their 10 year’s anniversary with the company.

All employees received a personal letter of thank-you and a financial recognition for the long-term and good cooperation.

Finally, Alexander Becker could be honored for his successful completion of training as industrial clerk. On that very day, he received his very good results in his written final exams.