HEDRICH is yourfirm TOP-Employer

From 01.01.2016 to 28.02.2017, the users of the online job portal yourfirm.de have voted for the 1,000 „Top Medium-Sized Employers 2017“ among more than 10,000 employers. The job portal of the Hidden Champions wants to help all applicants searching for interesting medium-sized employers find their own way easier.
Based on how the job seekers behaved in accessing and reading published job offers and company profiles, yourfirm.de has awarded 1,000 „Top Medium-Sized Employers“. A calcu-lated reputation index (scaled 1-10; 1=low popularity to 10=high popularity) evaluates the employer based on three factors: attention, interest and persuasion.
The HEDRICH GmbH is proud to have been honored in this way and thank all applicants and those interested.