Hedrich Newcomers in the Thick!

Welcoming new employees to Central Hesse, this is what the „Newcomer‘s Day“ series aims for. This event having been conceived by the work group Willkommenskultur (culture of welcoming) under the umbrella of the regional management of Central Hesse. The local events are meant to provide first insight and help for all questions that those newcomers might have. Invited are newly recruited experts and management personnel that have come to Central Hesse within the past two years to live or work there now. The events with changing program highlights take place at different locations within the region of Central Hesse.

On May 03, our HR manager Andrea Potsch was visiting the Newcomer’s Day taking place in „The Keller Theatre“ in Giessen together with our “Central Hesse newbies“ Paul Rogall, Benedikt Gube and Torsten Franke. A laid-back & funny artist show in English, called „Run for your Wife“ by Ray Cooney, made sure the audience had a nice evening. The play was followed by an open get-together including a buffet with snacks and drinks.

We are delighted that we could show a bit more of Central Hesse to those three and will look forward to visiting those events again with other new “newbies to Central Hesse” in the Hedrich GmbH.