HEDRICH to Welcome Students of the THM in Katzenfurt

It was the visit of CEO Joachim Schulz and Andrea Potsch, HR manager of the Hedrich GmbH, to the THM (Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences) in Giessen at the end of last month that set the stage for this event. Taking the opportunity of introducing both the company HEDRICH and its products to many interested students from the field of electrical engineering. This thrilling presentation had encouraged many students to apply at HEDRICH’s. Due to the great many of applications received, the HR department bred the idea of initiating an informational event.

So, Wednesday, January 24, 2018 saw the HEDRICH GmbH welcome the students from the THM to join this informational event, taking them to a trip behind the scenes of the company.

The students were welcomed by Joachim Schulz. In the following, Thomas Hilk, senior engineer of the electrical department, took over to introduce the various types of equipment manufactured by the company within the scope of a presentation. A walk through the administration building, the manufacturing site and the service department of the HEDRICH GmbH completed the first part of the event.

After lunch, Dominik Lyska pictured in detail the digital platform called COPRA, which has been developed in the Digital Solutions department. By way of practical illustration, some pieces of equipment that had yet been under manufacturing were presented to make the technical part more comprehensible. This section was conducted by Udo Steubing and Daniel Fey in the HEDRICH GmbH technical laboratory.

In between, there was time for some personal “speed dating“ application interviews.
Just after a short time already, two of the visitors could thus be attracted to become student trainees, who have been supporting HEDRICH energetically now since February 2018.