Products of the Year 2017 – HEDRICH GmbH amongst the TOP 10

Every year the industrial portal „MaschinenMarkt“, nominates the best products of the year from various industrial fields. The rankings are split up into individual subjects such as chipping, automation or robotics. This year, the HEDRICH GmbH has succeeded in being named as one of the TOP 10 products’ manufacturers in the field of plastics engineering for the first time. As the only company to design and build vacuum equipment for cast-resin insulation, HEDRICH has reached a sensational 8. position in the ranking.

The reason for this very good position is the newly developed cast-resin equipment technology MTB (Multi-Top-Benefit) for liquid and solid-resin systems, highly abrasive fillers as well as plastic and glass hollow microspheres. This equipment is capable of increasing the productivity by more than 200 percent. Installations hitherto available on the market process abt. nine tons of cast resin material each day, whereas the new MTB equipment handles at least 20 tons within the same time. With this equipment, users will not only save costs but also time and production area.

For the first time, MaschinenMarkt had reported on this revolutionary technology for the insulation of cast resin at the end of 2016. And it was already in June this year when HEDRICH was honored with the TOP innovators award. Crucial factor for this success without doubt is the employees – states the management. Their creativity and courage to implement the new are the source for fulfilling and realizing individual requests by the customers.

With this position, the company for designing and building vacuum equipment from Katzenfurt highlights once again its high degree of innovation spirit and mastermind mentality