Very Successful Start at the HANOVER FAIR

At the HANOVER FAIR, HEDRICH presents its world’s innovation for cast-resin applications as well as other news

HEDRICH, being specialized in vacuum equipment engineering, has been intro-ducing again this year some trendsetting innovations during the world’s leading industrial fair from April 24, to 28 in Hanover; this year’s exhibition focusing on Industry 4.0. As new to the world, the automatic residual moisture and gas content measurement for unfilled cast resins is demonstrated live at the stall. Besides - smart applications, e.g. for the autonomous equipment control and mobile real-time monitoring, as well as intelligent equipment concepts are enthralling the visitors already on the first few days.

Globally unique: Residual moisture and gas content measurement for unfilled cast resins
This year at the HMI, HEDRICH is presenting a world’s innovation for cast-resin applications: An automatic residual moisture and gas content measurement device for unfilled cast resins is demonstrated live at the stall. It ensures permanently good quality of the cast resin and eliminates the necessity to visually check for bubbles. Especially when producing rotor blades for wind energy systems and other composite components, this system provides crucial benefits.

HEDRICH 4.0: Smart applications provide intelligent and linked monitoring
The new, smart HEDRICH Apps enable to monitor and autonomously control machinery and equipment via tablet or smartphone in real time. Production routines are optimized and production operations easier to reproduce. The Apps, which are individually customized to each user, are arousing great interest amongst the visitors of the fair, since intelligent and linked solutions of this kind are indispensable for the Industry 4.0.

Innovative, flexible equipment concepts
With its compact design, the new mobile low-frequency drying equipment by HEDRICH can be used flexibly almost everywhere it is needed. The Vapour Phase Compact system is a new equipment generation developed by HEDRICH that provides a drying technology by means of kerosene. It is currently the world‘s most energy-efficient equipment of this kind, it goes easy on resources and reduces investment costs.

Go to visit HEDRICH at the HMI 2017 demonstrating its trendsetting innovations in hall 12, stall E39.