Member of the State Parliament of Hesse Stephan Grueger Visiting HEDRICH

Member of the State Parliament of Hesse Stephan Grueger Visiting HEDRICH

After the Hedrich GmbH resident in Ehringshausen/Katzenfurt was grabbing the headlines by its successful presentation at the Hanover fair end of April, the member of the state parliament for the SPD party Stephan Grueger did not miss the opportunity to fix a longer scheduled visiting date to the company, who is global leader in vacuum engineering for cast resin and oil/paper insulation applications.

So, August 17, 2017 saw Mr. Stephan Grueger being welcomed by president Mr. Joachim Schulz, HR manager Mrs. Andrea Potsch as well as marketing manager Mr. Sascha Kandler.

Grueger’s long-term and personal involvement in industrial operations helped the former key account manager for an energy utility to quickly get aware of the situation, perspectives and concerns of the company.

Besides the topics of patent protection, work-time regulations and employee recruitment, Grueger showed great interest in the products of the company. Being an advocate for the energy transition, he was particularly fond of the HEDRICH vacuum infusion technology for manufacturing rotor blades.

„Without these innovations from our medium-sized sector, such major subjects as energy transition would not at all be possible to realize!“ Grueger raved when the company tour through the production factories was stopping at a vacuum infusion system currently under construction. “It is always different to hear or read about a company rather than to see the production firsthand and get a live image of the industrial operations. Again, HEDRICH is a good example for how better off our region’s medium-sized companies are, and how import­ant for the German industry.“ Grueger also mentioned the attraction of such Hidden Cham­pions that are not necessarily flocking together in the conurbations of Frankfurt or the Rhine-Ruhr area. It is especially the Lahn-Dill region where these companies are highly recognized by the society, as they have virtually grown up with them. „In terms of infrastructure we do no longer need to conceal from the big cities. Educational opportunities on all levels can be reached via well-constructed traffic routes fast and easy; cultural hosts such as the KuSch (“culture bam”) in Herborn or the RITTAL arena in Wetzlar are numerous and broadband inter­net connection is progressing quickly in the country as well.“

Stephan Grueger emphasized too that the very close industrial network in the Lahn-Dill district has formed some kind of „economic neighborhood“ that has anchored in the philosophies of all regional companies. People know each other, people appreciate another and people help each other.

Young, talented and well educated people should seriously think about whether to start their industrial career rather with the big fish and groups but as one out of a million or fully weigh in in the healthy medium-sized sector right away with new and creative ideas. Because here is where even just a few people can make a great difference.