May 2019 is Going to be a Busy Month

In terms of fairs and exhibitions, 2019 has already started for HEDRICH in March with the Middle East Electricity in Dubai, but it is going to become really busy for us in April: seeing us spurting down under preparations for a total of 4 fairs taking place coincidently in May; plus a symposium at the Technical Academy in Esslingen.
This year, the subject of E-Mobility will be of extraordinary importance and our focus and main topic for the first two events.
Employing an optimized vacuum casting process for e-motor components, HEDRICH has developed a new production technology to perfectly fix and electrically insulate windings and at the same time considerably increase heat dissipation.
HEDRICH will be exhibiting both on the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe in Stuttgart as well as the PCIM in Nuremberg from May 7, to 9, 2019, referring to the subject of E-Mobility.
On May 20, to 23, 2019, you can visit us at the AWEA Windpower in Houston, USA.     
First priority feature of this exhibition will be the wind energy market that HEDRICH has already topped the mark successfully in by establishing its vacuum infusion process for the manufac­turing of rotor blades.
Likewise on May 21, to 23, 2019 you can find us contributing to the leading fair for the electrical industry - the CWIEME in Berlin. Besides the usual key subjects of cast resin and oil/paper applications, this exhibition will specifically refer to the new market of E-Mobility.
We look forward to meeting you at one of the above - or several - events, visiting our booth and talking to our experts!