HEDRICH GmbH Being Awarded Digital Champion

May 28, 2019 - the award of being the „Digital Champion“ was given to the HEDRICH GmbH. With its digitalized production, the Ehringshausen based company made it through the cate­gory of „Digital Processes & Organization“.
HEDRICH received the prize at the DIGITAL X MIDWEST. The joint initiative of the Wirtschafts­woche and Telekom has been linking approx. 1,000 decision makers of medium-sized com­panies and big concerns in the industrial construction Fredenhagen Offenbach. About 30 lecturers used four stages to talk about the digital future both in Hesse and the Rhine-Main region. Amongst them was Patrick Burghardt, state secretary at the Hessian Ministry for Digital Strategies and Development.
Awards Given to Digital Pioneers
Numerous companies from Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate had filed their ideas. And four companies convinced the judges at the local preliminary decision for the „Digital Champions Award“; HEDRICH being the winner in the category of „Digital Processes & Organization“.
It was early in time that HEDRICH has seen the benefits of digitalization: In particular repetitive actions are automated nowadays, allowing employees to focus on more sophisticated tasks. Production proceeds almost paperless. Instead of this, any information needed can be called up in real time on monitors, showing parts lists, drawings from the design and engineering department, or lead times of components. Processes and times are digitally recorded. Shipping, service or controlling divisions know about the progress in manufacturing at all times by pressing just one button. HEDRICH has implemented digitalization first in its production and respective adjacent operations. In the meantime, the whole company is digitalized. This is also shown by the 2019 motto of the year: „Reaching goals digitally and agilely“.

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