„HEDRICH arousing Enthusiasm with its Digitalization Strategy“

On November 13, 2019, the HEDRICH IT manager, Emre Erbay, was giving a lecture before a large expert audience during the first big customer event hosted by the ERP vendor Asseco at the Palace of the Prince Electors of Mainz. In addition to the success achieved by the HEDRICH digitalization strategy, he also pointed out to specific measures that can be implemented effectively with the ERP system APplus without adding new applications and what needs to be taken into account for it. As per the feedback, the lecture and technical implementation at HEDRICH were thrilling and inspiring for the audience. After the event, a great number of visitors came to ask about details concerning the approaches and methods.
Particular emphasis was put on the specially developed dashboards on APplus basis that significantly simplify the flows in project management, warehousing and production. The intuitive operation of the terminals amazed even the ERP vendor and so it was agreed to step into discussions to expand the partnership of HEDRICH and Asseco. Besides possible extension packages based on HEDRICH solutions, this also refers to the active co-designing of the standard software.
After the Digital Champions Award in May 2019, HEDRICH’s digitalization strategy was acknowledged once again by this feedback.