HEDRICH GmbH to Support Food Supply to Needy People in Hesse again in 2018

5800 volunteers provide their extraordinary involvement by working at 57 food supply loca­tions for needy people in Hesse and supporting 27,000 families; 100,000 persons in total, 27,000 of them children.
Being seen as one of the wealthiest countries of the world, it is still an unbearable condition that our „repeatedly applauded welfare state“ is not able to solve the problem of poverty; says the president of the Tafel Hessen e.V., Willi Schmid, on the occasion of the donation hand-over of 2.500 Euro on 27.11.2018.
With this donation you will help us this year again to save 20,000 tons of fresh food from being destroyed without necessity, which is a scandal to be real, and give it to the needy people in Hesse instead.
On behalf of the many thousands of needy people and the tireless volunteers, we would like to thank the employees as well as the senior management of the HEDRICH GmbH for their social commitment.
Social duty.
CEO Joachim Schulz emphasizes that it is of foremost importance to be aware of the local responsibility that HEDRICH has for the region. „We deem it our social duty to support local humanitarian aid organizations and would like to contribute our share also this year to giving all needy people a happier Christmas time and ensuring better care throughout the cold sea­son. The Hessian food supply organizations give back to us a transparent feedback on how the donations are used, which we think is great. And Mr. Schmid is for us an extremely com­petent and flexible contact to address to, who has our entire confidence“.