HEDRICH Goldies – Almost a Quarter of a Millennium of HEDRICH Experience

54 years since its foundation, this is what the company HEDRICH is looking back on in retro­spect this year.

A long time that has made many employees and colleagues get to know and appreciate each other. Some even have built up friendships that have grown far beyond the job and even continue afterwards in a post „HEDRICH era“.

Most of the acquaintances during that time should have been made though by the collea­gues in the picture above. They have known the company already from very early on in the sixties. They have had their share in establishing the company’s culture and know-how, and have evolved technologies that, to the present day, are deemed the most efficient drying technologies available on the market. Many trend-setting innovations have been created by their heads.

Therefore, we would like to thank our “HEDRICH goldies“ in a dignified manner for their loyalty to HEDRICH. Without their commitment, diligence and spirit for innovations, the company would not be where it is today, if it was at all existing.

The picture above shows six of seven extraordinary men that make up a history of HEDRICH experience adding to an unbelievable number of 230 years.