The Hedrich GmbH to Hand Over Donation to the Regional Association of the Hessische Tafeln e.V.

The regional association of the Hessische Tafeln e.V. (Hessian food supply to needy people),, is located in the rooms of the Tafel Wetzlar (food supply service location for needy people) and the protestant congregration in Niedergirmes.
By far the most of the 56 food supply service locations for needy people in Hesse have merg­ed into the association almost 2 years ago in order to improve the help to the 120,000 needy people that make regular use of this food supply service, by giving food and basic necessi­ties.
The Tafel Wetzlar (see above) has already been running the central storage in Wetzlar on their own for many years; it is the centre for food supply to all service locations in Hesse, food that was generated from large donors via the federal or state association. The state association will bear a considerable share of the costs incurring to the Tafel Wetzlar and open further distribution centres in the North and South of Hesse.
All food supply service locations in Germany are financed by donations, as the public budget makes available hardly any funds for the work of the food supply services.

“Therefore we are very grateful to the management and the employees of the company Hedrich GmbH from Katzenfurt for the generous donation amounting to 2.500 Euro”, emphasizes Willi Schmid, the regional chairman of the association.

Regional responsibility for needy people.

CEO Joachim Schulz puts stress on the importance of the local proximity of the cooperation. „We feel responsible to support social and humanitarian aid organizations in the region, and would like to make our contribution every year to bring all needy people a happier Christmas time and better the care throughout the cold season. The concept of the regional association of the Hessische Tafeln (Hessian food supply to needy people) has fully convinced us and we are happy to see our donation be used that well.“ Another donation of the same height to the „Tafel Hessen“ association is already firmly planned for next year.