HEDRICH is “TOP Medium-Sized Employer 2020

It is since 2015 that Yourfirm.de has been awarding the label „TOP Medium-Sized Employer“. With this award, the job portal for medium-sized companies wants to provide better orientation for people looking for jobs with interesting employers in the range of medium-sized companies, the so called Hidden Champions.
Why is this award so special: The prize is not based on surveys that often have low participation rates and thus an only limited informative database. It is rather that Yourfirm.de evaluates the number of clicks and the interest of the users in reading the pages for more than 60,000 job ads within one year.
Evaluation criteria are:
  • The average number of users attracted by a company per job ad and company profile,
  • The percentage of users that actually reads the contents; this means, the users that re­main on the page for a respectively long period of time,
  • As well as the number of readers initiating an action similar to a job application, e.g. by clicking on „Apply now“ or the website link of the company
Based on these three categories, a „popularity index“ is set up for each employer. The 1,000 best scoring companies are awarded „TOP Medium-Sized Employer 2020“.
Yourfirm founder and general manager Dirk Kümmerle: „Medium-sized companies are attractive employers and do not need to be afraid of being compared with supposedly superior big con­cerns. Short decision-making routes, rapid opportunities for advancement, a homely and appre­ciative environment as well as manifold tasks are just a few of the reasons that make jobs with medium-sized companies attractive for applicants. Especially in challenging times as we are cur­rently facing it is important to highlight these strengths confidently when searching for the pro­per employee. Our label is a helpful quality feature for attractive medium-sized employers”.