HEDRICH to Realize Large Equipment Delivery for the Wind Energy Sector

In the last quarter, HEDRICH has won a big order from a renowned manufacturer of rotor blades, which resulted in well-filled factory halls over the past weeks. Not less than 13 reaction-resin systems in total will be supplied to a production site in India. Presently, the first machines are leaving the factory for being prepared for shipment.
The majority of plants applies the patented HEDRICH direct infusion process. Among the systems are mobile Vacuum-Infusion Arrangements (VIA) that store up to 3 tons of resin mixture. With a combination of two VIA’s, infusions of even large offshore blades with lengths of more than 80 meters are possible easily without a cut-off.
An essential advantage is that the VIA’s are mobile and can be used flexibly within the production sites. So they allow to set up and infuse mould inserts as required.
On a final note: All 13 reaction-resin machines together add up to a complete production system and are therefore delivered from one source.

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